Slow Fashion on The Edge of the Last Frontier



Born of the intent to support and protect this radical place we call home.

Sewn on the edge of the Pacific, in Sitka, Alaska where the mountains, forest, and sea meet.

Striving to offset the detrimental impacts of fast fashion by cultivating a company that uplifts and empowers the maker and the customer.

Each purchase of Ebb&Flow apparel supports an Alaskan owned business, and a family striving to live simply, and with intention.

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All products made by Ebb&Flow are the work of Iris Nash, created in her home studio with the support of her husband Chris Nash, and the raucous inspiration of their two young boys Yakobi, and Espen.

We believe it takes a village to raise children, to build a business, and to cultivate positive change, and we live in gratitude for our growing family supporting us along this path.




No person is an island, and no great thing happens without being touched by countless others.

Ebb&Flow is here today because of the greatness of others and their willingness to share their inspiration and wisdom.

The greatest of these mentors has been, and is Bridget Milligan, owner/sewer/designer/general badass creative and boat fiend. Pictured at left, in her element.

Original design concept of the Rainskirt was the work of Bridget’s daughter Jasmina Allen.

Many thanks go out to those who have tested out designs, helped with graphic design, printing, photography (Fera Photography in Juneau and Stephanie of Southeast Imagery in Sitka), pattern development, small business consulting, etc etc etc. Much love.

Thank you.